Summary: Operations & Scm

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Operations & SCM

  • Chapter 1 introduction

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  • What are the 7 rights of logistic?

    1. The right Product
    2. To the right Customer
    3. At the right Time
    4. At the right Place
    5. In the right Condition
    6. In the right Quantity
    7. At the right Cost
  • What is second-tier supplier?

    A supplier that provides products or services directly to a firm's first-tier supplier (the supplier of your supplier)
  • Chapter 2 Operations and Supply chain strategies

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  • What is a infrastructural element?

    Intangiblle resources, helps you organize something.
    People, policies, decision rules, organizaational structure choices made by the firm.

    F.e. I organize transport from Rotterdam to Amsterdam
  • What are structural elements?

    Tangible resources (equipment, building). Helps you achieving that what you organize.

    F.e. I hire trucks to do the transport to Amsterdam.
  • What is a strategy?

    A mechanism by which a business coordinates its decision regarding structural and infrastructural elements.
  • What is a functional strategy?

    Translates a business strategy into specific actions for functional areas.
    --> When the different levels of strategic plamnning process fit together, an organization has a good strategic alignment
  • What is operations and supply chain strategy?

    A functional strategy that indicates how structural and infrastructural elements within the operations and supply chain areas will be acquired and developed to support the overall business strategy.
  • What is the value index?

    Measure that uses the performance and importance scores for various dimensions of performance for an item/service, to calculate a score that indicates the overall value of an item/service to a customer.
  • What is quality(4 dimensions relevant to operations & SCM)

    The abilility to satisfy stated or implied needs.
    1. Performance quality: basic operating characteristics of product/service.
    2. Conformance quality: is product made/service performed specifications?
    3. Reliability quality: will product work for a long time without failing?
  • What is time? (4 dimensions relevant to operations & SCM)

    • Delivery speed (how quick can you fulfil a need)
    • Delivery reliability (deliver products when promised)
    • Delivery window ( the acceptable time range in which deliveries can be made)

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