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Summary Operations

- Operations
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- 2015 - 2016
- NHTV internationaal hoger onderwijs Breda (NHTV internationaal hoger onderwijs Breda, Breda)
- Facility Management
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A snapshot of the summary - Operations

  • Operations Lecture 1.1

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  • In religious parables hospitality refers to
    Unconditional commitment and altruism
  • What are inputs of Operations management?
  • What are outputs of Operations management?
    -Judgement (perceived value)
  • What are the core processes in Operations Managment?
    -Order fulfillment process
    -Customer relation process
    -Supplier relation process
    -Product and service development process
  • Which of the following answers is an example of functional value
    The navigation system that directs you from A to B
  • What are the 5 types of organizational forms?
    1. Simple = Small companies, entrepreneur is owner
    2. Functional = Based on function, Marketing, HRM
    3. Divisional = Based on division in products, markets, regions
    4. Conglomerate = different businesses in one
    5. Hybrid = mix of several organizational forms
  • Which of the following answers is a correct statement about skim pricing
    Skim prices are perceived as high in relation to what most buyers are willing to pay
  • What does Volume of output mean?
    The scale, how many customers are served, how many products are produced
  • What does variety of products or services offered mean?
    Size of product range,number of different services
  • Ryanairs no-frill experience is an example of a… service
    Product focused

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