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Summary Organisation And Management An International Approach

ISBN-13 9789001850227
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A snapshot of the summary - Organisation and management an international approach ISBN: 9789001850227

  • 1 The evolution of organization and management thoughts

  • 1.2 The classical management theory

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  • What is Classical Management Theory known for?
    The start of management theories, hierarchy, standardizing work, separating personal and work life.
  • What is Frederick Taylor known of?
    - scientific management 
    - looks at micro 
    - wants to improve the productivity 
    - 'one right way' 
  • What part is Henri Fayol known for?
    - managerial 
    - looks at the medium picture
    - how managers should be trained
  • 1.3 Mintzberg

  • Mintzberg organisational structrues: 7
    1. Start-up > small clothing shop
    2. Machine bureaucracy > macdonalds
    3. Professional bureaucracy > hospital
    4. Diversified form > Philips
    5. Adhocracy > creative
    6. Missionary > church
    7. Political organization 
  • 1.4 Jim Collins

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  • Jim Collins, What can outstanding companies be recognized by:
    1. Level 5 leaders
    3. First who, then what
    3. Self-discipline
    4. Committed CEO 
    5. Insider CEO
    6. Respect for others
    7. Balanced and long-serving CEO 
  • What are the two personality trades a level 5 leader needs?
    Being humble and strong willed
  • 1.5 Steve Job's

  • Of what was Steve Jobs the master?
  • What did Steve Jobs invent?
    The 7 rules of success
  • What did Steve Jobs change?
    The communication way between people
  • 2 Environmental Influences

  • 2.2 Micro factors

  • What is Micro environment
    It gets influenced by direct factors

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