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Summary Organization Theory Challenges and Perspectives

- John McAuley, et al
ISBN-10 0273724444 ISBN-13 9780273724445
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A snapshot of the summary - Organization Theory Challenges and Perspectives Author: John McAuley Philip Johnson Joanne Duberley ISBN: 9780273724445

  • 1 College 1

  • What do we mean with the term organization?
    • The way people, organize work together/interact.
    • 'an' organization is not a material object. it's also not a number of people.
    • organization refers to: Structur/order & Goals/functions
    • The term organization comes from the term organs and how the organs work together keeping people alive
  • At which levels can an organization exist?
    Micro level
    mezzo level
    Macro level
  • what is an mezzo level organization?
  • Which perspectives are there in organization theory?
    different 'Schools'
  • why are the western countries whealthy accoording to Adam Smith?
    Western countries have divisions of Labor.
  • Why does division of labour produce whealth?
    • people can do one task and don't have to switch between task. And so they can do one taks very quick
    • People can be selected for a specific task. for some tasks you need a strong person, then you select a strong person.
    • Probably a more consistent output.
    • Development of specific tools/machines for specific tasks
    • Free trade on markte -->leberalism-->invisible hand. (A fisherman can sell his fish and so can he buy breath and meat etc.
  • 1.1 Chapter 1. Organization theory: challenges and perspectives

  • What is Organization Theory?
    Organization theory is concerned with the study of variou theories about organizations that have developed since the latter part of the nineteenth century.
    The origins of organization theory lie in developing a social understanding of organization.
    Some authors focus on bodies of the organization theory, whereas other (as in this text) explore different bodies of organization theory in a more or less disinterested manner.
  • What are Organization studies?
    Text that bear this title are typically concerned with the understanding of different themes in the study of organizations to produce knowledge about organizations that represent a contribution to social science.
  • What are Organization analysis?
    Is typically the study of the processes that underpin the operation of organizations, typically with the purpose of improving the operation of organizations.
  • What is Organization Behavior?
    Is typically concerned with developing an understanding of the ways in which members of organizations can develop behaviors that enable theire commitment to the purpose of the organizations so that typical themes include theories of managing people, motivation, leadership, creating effective workgroups, managing diversity and so on.
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