Summary: Patient Centered Care Delivery

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Patient Centered Care Delivery

  • 1 Theme 1

  • 1.1.2 Lecture - PCCD 8 dimensions conceptual model

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  • What is the conceptual model according to Rathert et al? And how will it result?

    Organising care according to the 8 dimensions of PCCD (left) is expected to result in improved 
    • organisational outcomes (enhances discharge of pts) 
    • patient clinical outcomes 
    • patient satisfaction outcomes 
  • What are moderators in the middle of this model between interactions in PCCD and outcomes?

    • Patient conditions
    • Patient expectations

    A moderator is third variable that affects the direction or strength of the relationship between an independent and dependent variable (outcome)

    Pts with greater and positive expectations may gain more benefit

    Patient with severe backpain will benefit more from physical support and patient with anxiety from emotional support

    Affects the strengst or directions of the real between PCC and outcomes
  • What are the four models of evidence-based PCC described by participants according to Lacy et al.?

    • Either or Model
    • Integrated model 
    • Continuum model 
    • Cyclical model 
  • 1.2.1 Article Rathert (2013) systematic review PCC

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  • Why did the researchers conducted a systematic review on Patient centered care and outcomes?

    A clear definition of PCC was lacking, and an understanding of how specific PCC processes relate to patient outcomes
  • How can you relate PCCD and the Donabedian model 'good structure -> likelihood of good process -> goed process = good outcome

    Likages PCC and outcome:
    • technical processes (donabedian)
      • appropriate diagnoses and strategies 
      • Implemented through interpersonal interactions -> success of technical care depends on ternerpersonal processes 
    • interpersonal processes 
      • Exchange of information necessary for an accurate diagnosis 
  • Why is it important that this research found a positive relationship between PCC process and patient satisfaction and well-being in the written literature? (2)

    1. patient satisfaction with the care expierence has become an important outcome in its own 
    2. Research suggets that patient well-being and satisfaction may be related to mediating variables, such as adherence (therapietrouw) and self-management behaviors 
  • What is respect for patient preference? 8 dimensions PCC

    Every patient is unique and has other preferences. It is about the interaction between patients and care professional. Care also need to focus on good quality of life. 

    VB: personal care plans, patient can make their own goals and encouraged to achieve them 
  • What is Information, Education and Communication? 8 dimensions of PCC

    Patients need to be their own leader in their own healthcare path but in order to do so, they need to be well informed. Communication is key. 

    VB: patients need to receive all information at their own level, language etc. Digital care plan available. 
  • What is coordination of care? 8 dimensions of PCC

    There is a whole team working for a patient and the communicatie in the team is also essential, otherwise the patient needs to tell the same story over and over again. 

    VB: team meetings, casemanager
  • What is physical comfort? 8 dimensions of PCC?

    Physical comfort within an organization

    VB: binnentuinen, wachtruimtes, voldoende privacy 

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