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A snapshot of the summary - PEOPLE, MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONS Author: ANNA SUTTON ISBN: 9781137605054

  • 1 Integrating OB and HRM

  • Taylor's approach on management
    Division of labour to increase efficiency.
    Management to have maximum prosperity for employer and employees
    Management should increase workers' productivity
  • Taylor's 5 principles of scientific management
    - Manager should organize the work (employee should just work)
    - Manager defines how the employee should do the work
    - Best person is selected for the job
    - Workers are trained properly
    - Worker's performance is monitored
  • Challenges of combining OB and HRM
    - Individual or organization: multi-level models
    - Balance between theory or application 
    - Link with performance (3HRM performance measures)
  • 3 HRM performance measures
    - Financial - profits, sales, market share
    - Organizational - Productivity or quality measures
    - HR related - Employee attitudes and behaviours
  • 4 dimensions of HRM based on its goals - Guest
    - Integration: HRM integrated into strategy
    - Employee commitment
    - Flexibility: contributes to flexibility
    - Quality: selection and training
  • Defining HRM today

  • Boxall (2007) heeft 3 brede overlappende areas over HRM geïdentificeerd. Welke zijn dit?
    1. Micro HRM
    2. Strategic HRM (SHRM)
    3. International HRM
  • 2 What is work all about?

  • Elements of a work ethic
    - Intrinsic benefits: work gives opportunity to gain respect
    - Material rewards: work provides pay and holidays
    - Duty: work is a duty, people who don't work are lazy
  • Gendered nature of work
    Masculine work is valued more than feminine work
    - Deeply engrained, difficult to change
    Pay gap doesn't change because women work part-time due to home responsibilities and women are disproportionally represented in lower paid jobs
  • Challenges with managing volunteering
    How to engage volunteers:
    - Resentful to paid employees
    - Volunteers have higher bargaining power
    - High turnover rate - lack of resources
    Increased professionalization of the sector
  • Non-financial reasons for working
    - Provides intrinsic rewards, sense of satisfaction, social relations
    - Without financial needs, many people would still work
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