Summary People, Management And Organizations

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A snapshot of the summary - PEOPLE, MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONS Author: ANNA SUTTON ISBN: 9781137605054

  • 1 Integrating OB and HRM

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  • Taylor's approach on management
    Division of labour to increase efficiency.
    Management to have maximum prosperity for employer and employees
    Management should increase workers' productivity
  • Taylor's 5 principles of scientific management
    - Manager should organize the work (employee should just work)
    - Manager defines how the employee should do the work
    - Best person is selected for the job
    - Workers are trained properly
    - Worker's performance is monitored
  • Challenges of combining OB and HRM
    - Individual or organization: multi-level models
    - Balance between theory or application 
    - Link with performance (3HRM performance measures)
  • 3 HRM performance measures
    - Financial - profits, sales, market share
    - Organizational - Productivity or quality measures
    - HR related - Employee attitudes and behaviours
  • 4 dimensions of HRM based on its goals - Guest
    - Integration: HRM integrated into strategy
    - Employee commitment
    - Flexibility: contributes to flexibility
    - Quality: selection and training
  • 1.2 Human Resource Management

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  • Wat zijn eudaimonische werknemersuitomsten?
    activerend –-> proces van zingeving, groei, psychologisch werk

    Actieve en positieve gemoedstoestand tav werk gekenmerkt door vitaliteit (veerkrachtig bij tegenslagen), toewijding (trots), absorptie (opgaan in werk)

    Mensen die bevlogen zijn hebben veel sociale contacten. Ze doen niet alleen werk gerelateerde activiteiten.
  • Defining HRM today

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  • Boxall (2007) heeft 3 brede overlappende areas over HRM geïdentificeerd. Welke zijn dit?
    1. Micro HRM
    2. Strategic HRM (SHRM)
    3. International HRM
  • 2 What is work all about?

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  • Elements of a work ethic
    - Intrinsic benefits: work gives opportunity to gain respect
    - Material rewards: work provides pay and holidays
    - Duty: work is a duty, people who don't work are lazy
  • Gendered nature of work
    Masculine work is valued more than feminine work
    - Deeply engrained, difficult to change
    Pay gap doesn't change because women work part-time due to home responsibilities and women are disproportionally represented in lower paid jobs
  • Challenges with managing volunteering
    How to engage volunteers:
    - Resentful to paid employees
    - Volunteers have higher bargaining power
    - High turnover rate - lack of resources
    Increased professionalization of the sector

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