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Summary Perception & Action

- Perception & Action
- Victor Lamme
- 2019 - 2020
- Universiteit van Amsterdam
- Psychologie
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A snapshot of the summary - Perception & Action

  • 1: The Brain-Mind link 1

  • What is the Encephalization Quotient?
    Brain weight vs body mass: E=CS^r
    E= brain weight
    C = Cephalization factor
    S = Body weight
    r= constant (0,66 for mammals)

    EQ = The size of the brain/weight ration compared to other animals
  • What kind of animals succeed more in problem solving?
    - Animals with large brains, 
    - Animals with high Cephalisation.
  • Does brain size and encephalization depend on social behaviour?
    Yes, social animals usually have bigger brains.
  • What does lissencephaly mean? What does it mean in the human brain?
    The differences in gyration. (a sea cow has almost none gyri, while a land cow has lots.)

    Lissencephaly in a human brain means severe developmental delay, seizures and early death.
  • Why is it difficult, if not impossible, to make allometric approaches about the relation ship between brain size and body?

    - Body 
    Weight issues (Birds having to fly)
    - Protection from cold, (fat of whales)
    - Muscle proportion

    - Cortex vs Subcortical vs Cerebellum
    - Gyration
    - Cortical thickness
    - Neurons vs Glial cells (supportive tissue)
    - Neuron Density
  • What parts of the thalamus differ & for what reason?
    -Sexually Dismorphic Nucleus (SDN): Larger in males than females

    - Bed Nucleus Stria Treminalis (BST): Larger in males than females. Smaller in men that feel women.

    -Suprachiasmatic Nucleus: (SCN) Larger in woman than men. Larger in homosexual man than hetero sexual man
  • What is golgi staining en what does it do?
    Fills the entire cell with silver
    Reveals shape of individual cells
    Fills some cells, not all (why?)
  • What are stellate cells and pyramidal cells?
    Stellate cells: Small cells, circular dendrites, short axons, often inhibitory

    Pyramidal cells: Triangular cell body, apical dendrites, ling axons that leave the cortex, mostly excitatory.
  • What do we call the study of cellular composition of the brain?
  • What are the different layers in cytoarchitecture?
    Integration Layer 1: Only fibers
    Processing Layers 2&3
    Input layer: 4
    Output Layer: 5&6
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