Psychobiology of Food Choice and Eating Behaviour - TOX kinetics

5 important questions on Psychobiology of Food Choice and Eating Behaviour - TOX kinetics

Name the three types of models of food choice:

  1. Existing vs new (deductive / inductive)
  2. Mono vs multifactorial
  3. Qualitative vs quantitative

What are the 4 determinants of food choice?

Biggest determinant of what one eats is availability!! But this is influenced by several factors such as...
  1. Biological factor
  2. Psychology factor
  3. Sociology factor
  4. Cultural factor

(food choice process model) What factors did influence your food choice during life?

  • Food upbringing
    • positive experiences: living on a farm, having a vegetable garden
    • negative experiences: being forced to eat vegetables as a child
  • Roles + role transitions
    • marriage + divorce + employment + childbearing
  • Health
    • acute and/or chronic illnesses, ageing, self/others
  • Ethnic traditions
  • Resources
    • perceived knowledge/skills, available time, space, money
  • Food system
    • changing healthy and diet info, cultural trends in cuisine

>> Macro-context: society, culture, economy, government
>> Micro-context: families, friends, school, work, community

(food choice process model) What influences are present during life?

  • Ideals: culture, historical context. Old people ideal meal will be meat, potatoes, veggies
  • Personal factors: physiological, psychological, biological
  • Resources: budget, cooking skills, transportation
  • Social factors: relationships. If you have to cook for small children, you make a different choice when cooking for friends.
  • Contexts:

(food choice process model) What is a personal food system?

Translations of influences on individual food choices into how and what one eats in particular situations

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