Introducing Project Time Management - Developing the Project Schedule

4 important questions on Introducing Project Time Management - Developing the Project Schedule

Why is it important to revisit the PND during schedule creation?

It allows for evaluation of decisions, constraints and assumptions that were made earlier in the process to determine why certain activities must occur in a particular order.

Can you give a number of examples of why constraints exits?

  • Take advantage of market opportunity
  • Work with paramaters of expected weather conditions
  • Adhere to government requirements
  • Adhere to industry regulations
  • External dependencies (e.g. delivery materials or dependency other projects)

What are the different constraints that should be considered?

  • Start no earlier than - must start on or after
  • Start no later than - must start by
  • Finish no later than - must finish by
  • Finish no earlier than - must not finish before

What should be included in activity attributes scope?

  • The person responsible for the work
  • Where the work will take place
  • The type of activity
  • When the activity must take place

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