Managing the project scope - Collecting and Eliciting Project Requirements

11 important questions on Managing the project scope - Collecting and Eliciting Project Requirements

What is important using the interview technique for eliciting requirements?

  • You need and want the interviewee to talk to you so you've got to ask good questions.
  • To find out how they are going to use the deliverable as part of their daily lives.

What are two typical roles in a focus group?

  • A moderator (which is not the project manager) who is neutral to the project, who has the ability to draw people in the conversation and keep the session on track.
  • A recorder or scriber who documents the discussion of a focus group session so the team review the results afterwards and act upon it.

When are group creativity techniques considered to be useful?

  • When multiple solutions exist for a project
  • When the stakeholders aren't certain what the exact project requirements should be

List a number of group creativity techniques

  • Brainstorming
  • Nominal group technique
  • Mind mapping
  • Affinity diagram
  • Multicriteria decision analysis
  • Delphi Technique

What is the idea behind the Delphi Technique?

The idea about this technique is that the comments will lead the group towards the most correct answer without the political attachment that may occur if the process were not anonymous

When would 'group decisions' be useful?

When many stakeholders have loads of different competing objectives about the project deliverables it's sometimes best for the project manager to hand the decision back to the project stakeholders.

Which group decisions models are being recognized?

  • Unanimity -  all agree
  • Majority - voting and majority wins
  • Plurality - the biggest section wins
  • Dictatorship - the decision is forced

What is are important considerations with surveys?

  • They must be responded to by the audience
  • The survey questions must be well written to generate accurate responses (closed questions)
  • To determine the best type of questions considering the audience of the survey.

What is the value of observing stakeholders?

When observing stakeholders you can see the processes, approaches and challenges of their work more clearly than by just hearing about their work. This can be done in an active or passive way.

What is the value of analyzing project documents?

It ensures that all of the requirements are captured.

What are the three outputs of the project requirement process?

  • Requirements documentation
  • Requirements management plan
  • Requirements traceability matrix

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