Introducing Project Procurement Management - Preparing for Contracting

7 important questions on Introducing Project Procurement Management - Preparing for Contracting

Which three inputs are being used for contracting planning?

  • The procurement management plan
  • The statement of work - contract SOW
  • Other planning inputs - other details from the project plan could have influence on the contracting process.

What two tools are used for contracting planning?

  • Standard forms
  • Expert judgment

How will the procurement planning guide the contracting planning process?

  • As is planned in the procurement planning
  • As the performing organization requires
  • Or under the guidance of a procurement office within the performing organization 

What is key in communication between buyer and seller?

  • It should always be specific as to the requirements and expectations of the seller.
  • The buyer should include the SOW, relevant specifications, and if necessary any NDAs
  • Request from buyers to sellers should be specific enough to give the seller a clear idea of what the buyer is requesting, but generic enough to allow the seller to provide viable alternative.

What procurement documents are recognized?

  • Bid
  • Quotation
  • Proposal
  • Invitation for bid (IFB)  = RFQ
  • Request for quote (RFQ) = IFB
  • Request for proposal (RFP)

What do we mean with source selection or evaluation criteria? And what's important about these criteria?

These are used to rate and score proposals from the sellers. It's important that the project manager and the team to create selection criteria to guide their decision making later in the project.

What will be done with the final outputs of contracting planning?

Updates to the statement of work. Based on the interactions with the seller new information may have been discovered that needs to be integrated into the SOW.

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