Project Communications Management - Communications Planning

15 important questions on Project Communications Management - Communications Planning

What are the key steps in communications planning?

  • Identify the stakeholder's requirements for communication
  • Determine what is actually needed
  • Plan to deliver the needed information on a preset schedule or based on project conditions.

Why is the project management plan a key input for communication management?

Project integration management states that each area of the project affects all other areas of the projects. Without proper communications planning and execution the interactions and coordination of the project will likely suffer.

Why is it important to check project's constraints and assumptions?

These may also affect decisions, activities on the project and stakeholders, and thus may have impact on (required) project communications.

What is the difference between constraints and assumptions?

They always limit the project team's options. Assumptions are considered true but aren't proven.

What are the basic enterprise environmental factors that should be considered for communications planning?

  • Organizational culture and structure
  • Relevant standards and regulations
  • Organizational Infrastructure
  • Human Resources
  • Marketplace conditions
  • Risk tolerances
  • Project Management Information Systems

What are the 2 organizational process assets that the project manager should pay most attention to when looking at communications planning?

Historical information and lessons learned.

What is the document that the project manger relies upon with communications planning?

The scope statement, since it contains the project's goals and provides a common point of reference for all stakeholders.

What is general rule of thumb for communication management?

To provide the information when it's presence contributes to success or when a lack of information can contribute to failure.

What is the general rule to determine the amount of communication channels for N number of stakeholders in a project?

# Channels = N (N-1)  /  2  
e.g. 10 stakeholders means 10 (10-1) / 2 = 45 channels

What is the general rule of thumb for defining the right communicaties modalities and methods?

That it should be based on the conditions of the message to be communicated.

What factors could have an effect on the communications plan?

  • Urgency of the information
  • Technology - e.g. a website created for sharing
  • Project Staffing - can the project team execute communications
  • Project length
  • Project environment - e.g. structure of a team
  • Sensitivity and confidentiality - define the appropriate means

What are the most important parts of communication models?

  • Sender - sending the message
  • Encoder - translate the message to travel via the medium
  • Medium - modality in which the message travels
  • Decoder - translate the message to be received by receiver, inverse of the decoder
  • Receiver - receiving the message
  • Noise - what disrupts the message transfer
  • Acknowledgement - confirmation that message has been received

What 5 terms are being used to describe the process of communicating?

  • Paralingual - pitch, tone, inflections in the voice
  • Feedback - confirming to understand
  • Active listening
  • Effective listening - being involved in the listening experience
  • Nonverbal - affect the message being communicated

What is the core activity of the creation of a communications plan?

Determine what communications are needed, whom the communication is to be sent, and who'll be responsible for the communication.

What is provided in a communications plan?

  • Stakeholder communication requirements
  • What is to be communicated
  • How the information flows through the project to the appropriate individuals
  • Methods for communication
  • Communication schedule
  • Escalation processes
  • Methods to retrieve information
  • How the communications plan can be updated
  • A project glossary

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