Project Human Resource Management - Completing Organizational Planning

14 important questions on Project Human Resource Management - Completing Organizational Planning

What is the goal of organizational planning?

To identify and plan for the constraints and opportunities brought about by the nature of the project work, the team's competence and the demands of the performing organization and stakeholders.

What are typical examples of templates that a project manager can use for organizational planning?

  • Roles and responsibility matrices
  • Reporting structures of historical projects

What do we mean with the rule 'current projects should emulate successful historical projects'' ?

That templates, resources, best practices etc. from historical projects should be used for current projects since these are often proven and effective.

What do we mean with 'applying human resource practices' for organizational planning?

That the performing organization often has policies and procedures for the project manager to follow. These enterprise environmental factors should specify the:
  • Job responsibilities
  • Reporting structures
  • The project manager's role and autonomy
  • Policies regarding team member discipline
  • The definition for customized organizational terms

How can help organizational theories help the project manager?

The can help to identify weaknesses and strengths, guide the project team and move the project forward.

What is the core of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs model?

That people work to care of a hierarchy of needs, with the pinnacle of their needs being self-actualization. People want to contribute, prove their work and use their skills and abilities. The five layers in the pyramid are:
  • Physiological
  • Safety
  • Social
  • Esteem
  • Self-actualization

What is the core of Herzberg's Theory of Motivation?

Herzberg says there are two catalysts for creating job satisfaction and success:
  • Hygiene agents - expectations all workers have, job security, a paycheck, clean and safe working conditions etc.
  • Motivating agents - Elements that motivate people to excel, including responsibility, appreciation of work, recognition, the chance to excel, education etc.

The presence of hygiene factors will not motivate people but the absence of these elements will demotivate performance.

What is the core of McGregor's Theory of X an Y?

The theory states that management believes there are two types of workers, good and bad.
  • X is bad
  • Y is good, these people are self-led, motivated and capable

What is the core of Ouchi's Theory Z?

It states that worked are motivated by a sense of commitment, opportunity and advancement. It credits the idea lifetime employment. If workers are dedicated to the company then the company will be dedicated to workers.

What is the core of McClelland's Theory of Needs (or Three Needs)

This theory is based on the belief that a person's needs are acquired and develop over time, based upon someone's experiences. The needs are:
  • Need for achievement - people that need to achieve, work alone or with other high-achiever, avoid low-risk and high-risk situations
  • Need for affiliation - look for harmonious relationships
  • Need for power - seeking personal or institutional power

What is the core of the Expectance Theory?

It states that people will behave based on what they expect as a result of their behavior.

What four management styles for managing a project are being recognized?

  • Autocratic - the project manager makes all the decissions
  • Democratic - project team is involved
  • Laissez Faire - hands-off policy where the project team is self-led
  • Exceptional - PM pays only attention to 10% top and bottom performers

What types of charts can a project manager use to map the hierarchy of the project and the roles and responsibilities of the project team?

  • Organizational Charts
  • Organizational Breakdown Structure
  • Resource Breakdown Structure
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix Chart
  • RACI - Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform

What is the purpose of networking with stakeholders?

It can help the project manager to identify stakeholders, learn about the project requirements and influence the project decisions.

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