Project Stakeholder Management - Promoting Stakeholder Engagement

7 important questions on Project Stakeholder Management - Promoting Stakeholder Engagement

Why is communication so important when it comes to project stakeholder management?

The project communications must be accurate, timely, and precise, or the project manager could damage the relationship between the project and the stakeholders.
-- You don't want to create new problems for the project by simple failing to communicate --

What are the four inputs for the stakeholder management process?

  • The stakeholder management plan - defines the approach, strategies, and opportunities for managing the project stakeholders
  • The communications management plan
  • Change log - changes can trigger stakeholder engagement
  • Organization process assets

What are the core interpersonal skills you need to engage with stakeholders?

  • Actions, to earn trust
  • Conflict resolutions, to solve problems among stakeholders
  • Active listening to stakeholders to understand their requirements and concerns
  • Persuasion to overcome stakeholders' opposition

What are the key management skills you need to engage with stakeholders?

  • Ability to present project information
  • Ability to negotiate with stakeholders
  • Ability to write and communicate
  • Ability to speak in public

On top of interpersonal and management skills, what is the underlying principle for good stakeholder engagement?

Good communications, in which three types are being recognized.
  • Interactive communications
  • Push communications - sender pushes the message
  • Pull communications - stakeholders need to pull the information themselves

What five outputs of stakeholder management are being recognized?

  • Issue log - to include issues that arise from stakeholder engagement
  • Change request
  • Updates to the project management plan - their involvement will help you to refine the project management plan
  • Updates to the project documents
  • Updates to the organization process assets

What is, according to PMBOK 5, the key of stakeholder engagement?

That the right stakeholders are involved, and that the maintaining of their involvement in the project is key. Also that feedback from the stakeholders helps the project manager to better manage the project.

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