Study Cards on project, process, approach

Activity Network Diagram
Illustrates the flow of the project work, as does the critical path and the critical chain method. The most common activity network diagram is the activity-on-node, although the activity-on-arrow approach may still be utilized in some industries.
Benefit/ cost analysis
The process of determining the pros and cons of any project, process, product or activity.
Continuous process improvement
A goal of quality assurance to improve the project's process and deliverables; it meshed with the project's process improvement plan, which is to improve the processes of the project.
Design of experiments approach
Relies on statistical "what-if" scenarios to determine which variables within a project will result in the best outcome; can also be used to eliminate a defect. This approach is most often used on the product of the project, rather than on the project itself.
Process decision program chart
This chart helps the project team identify all of the needed steps that are required to achieve the project goal.
Quality Control (QC)
A process in which the work results are monitored rot see if they meet relevant quality standards.
Quality Management Plan
A document that describes how the project manager and the project team will fulfill the quality policy. In an ISO 9000 environment, the quality management plan is referred to as the project quality system.
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