Project Quality Management - Executing quality assurance

4 important questions on Project Quality Management - Executing quality assurance

What types of QA are being recognized?

  • Internal QA - assurance provided to management and the project team
  • External QA - assurance provided to external customers of the project

What are tools that can be used for applying QA?

  • Affinity Diagrams
  • Process decision program charts
  • Interrelationship diagraphs
  • Three diagrams
  • Prioritization matrices
  • Activity Network diagrams

What is the aim of quality audits?

  • To learn, to identify the lessons learned on the current project and to determine how to make things better for this project, other projects or the entire organization.
  • To ensure that the project is adhering to the requirements of QA

  • Document best practices
  • Document variances in the quality approach
  • Recommend best practices for implementation
  • Assist in implementing recommendations for quality improvement
  • Document the outcomes of the quality audit in the project's lessons learned documentation.

How does QA lead to changes in the project?

QA will lead to quality improvements needed, the quality of the product and the project processes, which can be achieved by process analysis. The actions needed to improve the project processes may requires changes which need to be routed through the change control system.

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