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Study Cards on project, scope, controlling

Define - Monitoring and controlling the project
The activities that ensure the project goes according to plan and identifies the actions that need to be implemented when evidence proves the project isn't going according to plan.
What is at the heart of monitoring and controlling the project?
Controlling and monitoring the project work. The project manager and the project team actively collect and measure the project's performance, risk, time and scope. Based upon this the project manager can react and improve project performance.
Define - monitoring and controlling project work
The process tracks all of the assignments, reviews the results of the project work and keeps the project moving toward milestone dates and completion.
What other activities are included in monitoring and controlling the project work?
It also includes reviewing slippage in project schedule, costs, scope defects and other elements of the project. Based on this review decisions on corrections of problems are being made and how the remainder of the project should be completed.
When does scope validation generally take place?
Scope validation generally takes place at the completion of a project phase. Then the work results are checked whether they are within the scope expectations. At the end of the project the scope must be checked for final acceptance with the means of a formal sign-off by the customer.
What happens when scope validation fails?
Then corrective actions are needed to bring the work results back into alignment with the expectations of the project scope. When the scope has not been met the project may be halted, reworked or delayed during a decision making process by the customer.
Define - scope change control
The project manager follows the change management plan to ensure that inappropriate changes to the project scope do not occur. And that documented procedures to permit changes are being followed.
What are causes for slippage of schedule in a project?
  • Inaccurate estimates, hidden work or poor WBS
  • Quality issues where time to do the re-work is needed
  • Outside influences (weather, market conditions, cultural issues etc.)
What is important when controlling project costs?
  • Having accurate estimates
  • Knowledge of procurement management, cash flow and fundamental accounting practices
  • Insight in hidden and fluctuating expenses
  • Accurate and thorough record-keeping
Define - Ensuring Quality Control
Measuring work results to check whether they are in alignment with quality standards. When the results are not of quality, QC uses methods to determine why the results are of low quality and to eliminate causes of the quality deficiencies.
Define - Controlling Project Communication
  • Communication the status and the conditions of the project to the appropriate stakeholders at the appropriate time.
  • The project manager will communicate to internal and external stakeholders following the correct channels, enterprise environmental factors and the project's communications management plan.
  • It also includes reporting and communicating on project's performance by means of status reports covering where the project has been, where it stands now and where it's heading.
What is important when monitoring and controlling project risks?
  • Ownership and monitoring of project risks
  • Possible risks and mitigation plans
  • Risk response should be rapid and thorough, and the outcomes should be well documented.
What does controlling project procurements consist of?
Administration of the project contracts and working together with the vendor to ensure that both parties are adhering to the terms and conditions of the contract. It includes fostering relationships with vendors, clients and subcontractors.
Why is controlling stakeholder engagement important?
Since much of the project depends on the stakeholders involvement and influence it is important to focus on stakeholder engagement. This process allows to adjust the stakeholder management strategies as needed and review the stakeholder relationships for any changes.
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