Study Cards on project, scope, process

What is the purpose of project scope management?
  • It defines what work is needed to complete the project objectives
  • It determines what is included in the project
  • It serves as a guide to determine what is needed to complete the project objectives.
  • It serves as point of reference for what is not
How do project scope and product scope relate to each other ?
  • The product scope consist of the characteristics and features of the product that the project creates. The project scope is the work required to deliver that product.
  • The product scope is measured against requirements, while the project scope is measured against the project plan.
What are important things to keep in mind when creating the project scope management plan?
  • It involves progressive elaboration (starts broad and becomes focused through refinement). Based on the product scope the identification is being done on how to achieve that goal.
  • The scope planning process involves expert judgment
  • The planning meeting's approach is part of the organizational culture.
What provides the input for the creation of the deliverables of the scope planning process?
  • The project requirements
  • The business need
  • stakeholders expectations
Which tools can help the project manager and the project team to plan the project scope?
  • Expert Judgment - using someone smarter than the project team, the project manager and even the key stakeholders to guide the scope planning process.
  • Templates, forms and standards provided by the organization.
What are the four things (processes!!) every scope management plan should include?
  • The process to create the project scope statement
  • The process to create the WBS based on the project scope statement
  • The process for formal acceptance of the project deliverables by the project customer
  • The process for evaluating and approving or declining project change requests
Define another output of creation of the scope management plan!
The requirement management plan which defines how the project team will collect, document and protect the project requirements.
Describe the relation between stakeholders and project team
The stakeholder has certain wants, have an end result in mind, and the project team can make that end result a reality. The project manager job is to elicit the requirements from the stakeholders to satisfy it's needs, the organization needs and the longevity of the solution.
What is the goal of requirements gathering?
Find detailed specifications about exactly what the stakeholders want and expect from the project.
What is important to consider in an Agile environment?
Changes to the project scope are expected as part of the project management framework (where generally you do not want project scope to change)
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