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Study Cards on project, stakeholders, manager

Who is responsible for the approval of the project charter?
The project charter and funding are approved outside the control of the project manager. Although the project manager and the project team may help in writing it they don't approve it.
Why is the project manager involved in the initiation part of the project?
Because the the project manager's input, guidance and participation for this part of the project is needed.
What is the scope of the process initiation group?
  • The recognition that there is a problem that a solution should solve
  • During the consideration of the solution level of authority is transferred from senior management to the project manager to lead the organisation to the desired future state.
Which 6 activities will generally take place as part of the initiation process?
  • Identifying the project needs
  • Creation of a feasibility study
  • Identifying the business needs
  • Creation of a product description
  • Creation of a project charter
  • Identifying the project stakeholders
What do we mean with identifying project needs?
That a project generally is initiated to provide a solution to a problem or to take advantage of an opportunity. The needs of the current state are answered by the deliverable(s) of the proposed project.
What do we mean with 'identification of business needs' ?
  • Examining of the problem/ opportunity and the solution to see how the potential project and its expected outcome fit within the realm of the business vision and goals.
  • We ask the question, 'why is this important'?
  • The focus of the business is vision and strategy so the results of the project must support that level.
What is the purpose of a feasibility study?
A feasibility study is conducted
  • to prove a problem actually exists
  • document the opportunities at hand
  • and then determine whether a project can be created to either resolve the problem at hand or take advantage of the opportunity cited
What is the purpose of the 'creating a product description'?
The initial product description will detail at high level what the expected outcome of the project is to be, which can be a product, service or even a description of the desired future state.
What is important when the project charter is being signed?
  • It should be approved and funded by an individual within the organization who has the proper authority to approve the project manager, the needed fund, and the resources that will be utilized within the project work.
  • It is usually signed by the project sponsor, but possible also by the PMO or another project customer.
What should a project charter reflect?
  • The initial scope
  • The needed resources to complete the project
  • Identified assumptions and constraints
What is required to create a project charter by the project management team?
  • a contract (if completed for another entity)
  • a business case defining the project purpose
  • a statement of work identifying the goals
  • enterprise environmental factors
  • organizational process assets
Which stakeholder deliverables should be created when identifying the project stakeholders?
  • The stakeholder registry logging stakeholder's roles, interest, participation and contact information
  • A stakeholder management strategy as you want to communicate timely, accurately and effectively with both negative and positive stakeholders (this is directly linked to the project communication strategy)
Why should the process of identifying stakeholders happen at the start of each project phase?
  • It's important to check who the stakeholders are, whether new stakeholders have been identified and which stakeholders the project manager needs to communicate with
  • If the project manager does not complete this activity there is the risk  of stakeholder delays, errors in the project work and frustration among the stakeholders.
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