Project Human Resource Management - Acquiring the Project Human Resources

3 important questions on Project Human Resource Management - Acquiring the Project Human Resources

What is key for a project manager to consider when acquiring a project team?

That a project needs good, qualified, competent project team members since their competence, experience and availability will directly influence the success of the project.

What are tools/ techniques a project manager could use to obtain the needed project team resources?

  • Refer to the human resource plan
  • Examine the staffing pool (check availability, ability, experience, interest level and costs)
  • Recruit project team members
  • Work with pre-assigned staff  - watch the gap between team members abilities and requirements for project work
  • Negotiate for resources - negotiate with functional managers or other project managers
  • Acquire staff - procurement of resources
  • Work with virtual teams
  • Rating potential project team members - multi criteria decision analysis
  • Assembling the project team

What should a project team directory include?

  • Team members' names
  • Phone Numbers
  • E-mail adresses
  • Mailing Adresses if not collocated
  • Contact information for key stakeholders
  • Other relevant information

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