Project Communications Management - Controlling Project Communications

3 important questions on Project Communications Management - Controlling Project Communications

What does controlling the project communications mean?

That the project manager does not only communicate himself, but that he is responsible for communications in the project. He is a good communicator and a good facilitator.

What are the inputs for communication control?

  • The project management plan - this ensures that the project information will be communicated to meet stakeholder expectations
  • Project communications
  • Issue log - issues need to be discussed and monitored until they are resolved
  • Work performance data - health of the project impact communications
  • Organizational process assets - to support in controlling communications

What is the goal of analyzing project variances?

  • Prevent future variances
  • Determine the root cause of variances
  • Determine whether the variances are an anomaly or the estimates were flawed
  • Determine whether the variances are within the pre-determined acceptable range
  • Determine whether the variances can be expected on future project work.

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