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Study Cards on quality, project, wbs

What is are the key principles for project quality management?
  • Quality should be planned in, not inspected in
  • That the project manager considers the costs of achieving the expected level of quality in contract to the cost of non-conformance.
How does a project manager prepare for quality planning?
He should check what the quality expectations are. What are the quality standards of the organization and which quality standards are applicable to the project.
Implementing quality policies, what are the two things that must be done?
  • The project team should adapt the policy of the organization to guide the project implementation. To ensure the project management and the deliverables of the project are in alignment with the quality policy
  • he should document how the project will fulfill the quality policy
Why is it important that all stakeholders are aware of the quality policy?
The implementation of quality policy and methodologies may require actions that could lengthen the project, or increase costs.
Why is it important to review the scope baselines for quality planning?
  • To ensure that the customer requirements, which are covered under the scope baseline, are met with regards to quality.
  • The product description may contain information that could affect quality planning.
How do WBS, WBS dictionary and quality related?
When the project is able to deliver the elements of the WBS, you're meeting customer satisfaction, which maps to quality. The WBS dictionary tags along since it contains the details of what each element of the WBS requires.
How do costs and time impact quality management?
  • If the costs are not adequate to meet the demand of the project scope than quality is most likely to suffer. (e.g. costs for purchasing materials)
  • If the schedule does not include time for project management and related quality control activities in order for quality expectations to be met.
Which enterprise environmental factors should be considered as part of quality planning preparation?
Standards and regulations of the industry for quality of both the project plan and the plan for quality management.
What are the activities for preparing for quality?
  • Determine quality policy
  • Reviewing the scope baseline
  • Consider schedule and cost
  • Reviewing the standards and regulations
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