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Study Cards on schedule, plan, management

What is included in the schedule management plan?
  • How the schedule will be created
  • The types of work to be completed
  • The resources and other attributes to predict when the work will be completed
What are two of the biggest factors in the creation of the schedule management plan process?
  • Organizational process assets
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors (can directly influence how the the schedule is planned and maintained, e.g. work hours etc.)
What is foundation for all the activities that a project manager undertakes to create a schedule?
The build of the schedule management plan
What are two ways of creation of a schedule management plan?
  • Use organizational process assets and adapt a previous plan
  • Create a new plan and use certain tools and techniques: expert judgment, analytical techniques, meetings
What elements are defined in the schedule management plan?
  • The model for schedule development
  • Level of accuracy
  • Units of measure (days, hours, weeks)
  • Organizational Procedure Links
  • Control Thresholds - predefined variance of tasks
  • Rules of performance measurement - e.g. EVM
  • Reporting Formats
  • Process descriptions - which processes are addressed in this knowledge area
Define - schedule management plan
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