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4 important questions on Political ideas and ideologies - Other ideological traditions - Cosmopolitanism

What is moral cosmopolitanism?

Belief that the world constitutes a single moral community.
Implies that all people have obligations towards all other people in the world. Individual is focus of moral concern.

What are the two forms of liberal cosmopolitanism?

1. Attempt to universalize civic and political rights (right to life, liberty, and property etc).
2. Derived from economic liberalism: places stress on attempts to universalize market society, seen as a means of widening individual freedom and promoting material advancement.

What is socialist cosmopolitanism?

Key theme: the quest for global social justice, implying both a substantial redistribution of wealth.

What is cultural cosmopolitanism?

Highlights the extend to which people's values and lifestyles have been reconfigured as a result of intensified global interconnectedness.
People come to think of themselves as global citizens. Shift from nationalism to multiculturalism.

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