Democracy and legitimacy - Democracy - Models of democracy

8 important questions on Democracy and legitimacy - Democracy - Models of democracy

What kinds of democracy are there?

Classical, protective, developmental and socialist democracy

What is a plebiscitary democracy?

Is a form of democratic rule that operates through an unmediated link between the rulers, and the ruled established by plebiscites (or referendums)

What is a classical democracy?

- Bas on the polis, or city - state, of Ancient Greece, and particularly on the system of rule that developed in the largest and most powerful Greek city - state, Athens
- Remarkable :  political activity of the citizens -> Athenian democracy

What is classical democracy and where does it still exist?

System of rule in Athens during 4th and 5th century. High level of political activity.
Direct and continuous popular participation in political life.
(In New England in USA, use of referendum, in smaller Swiss cantons).

What is limited/protective democracy?

Liberal thinkers saw voting as a natural right to protect themselves by controlling the legislature

What is a people's democracy?

Orthodox communist regimes that sprang up on the Soviet model

What is people's or socialist democracy?

Refers to the various democratic models that the Marxist tradition has generated.

What is a leninist democracy?

A form of democracy in which the communist party, organized on the basis of 'democratic centralism', articulates the interest of the proletariat.

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