Study Cards on democracy, political, citizens

Why would democracy repair politics?
Democracy is the vital link between politics and people. This makes it the chief source of legitimacy, and therefore the key to political stability.
If democracy can repair politics, why doesn't it always work?
Because democracies either place constraints of various kinds on popular participation, or because they allow some groups privileges and advantages.
Why can democracy also be part of the problem of political disenchantment?
1. Democracy may be biased in favour of conflict and disharmony,
because democracy sets up an ungoing electoral battle between opponents who are encouraged to condemn one another.
+ in their desire to win elections, parties are encouraged to promise the electorate more than they are able to deliver --> creates frustration and dissapointment.
2. Government by the people may make government for the people difficult, as ordinary citizens lack time and education to act wisely on their own behalf.
What balance of trust is required for a democracy to work?
Democracy requires a certain degree of scepticism towards political actors.
Dissatisfaction with policy outputs and scepticism about politicians are important incentives for citizens to become active politically. Should not have blind trust in specific actors and their actions.

But it requires citizens to trust the system, its core values, and processes: legitimacy of the rules of the game.
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