Democracy - Models of democracy - Limited or 'protective' democracy

3 important questions on Democracy - Models of democracy - Limited or 'protective' democracy

When did protective democracy come about?

During the 17th and 18th century.
Democracy was seen as a device through which citizens could protect themselves from the encroachments of government.

Appealed to early liberal thinkers.

How did John Locke view this unchecked power in the 17th century?

He argued that the right to vote was based on the existence of natural rights, and in particular, on the right to property.

If government could expropriate property (through taxation), citizens had the right to protect themselves by controlling the legislature (tax-setting body).

But Locke believed only property owners should vote.

Why has protective democracy mostly appealed to classical liberals and supporters of the New Right?

Protective democracy is a limited and indirect form of democracy.
It is a system of constitutional democracy that operates within a set of formal/informal rules that check the exercise of government power.
Protective democracy aims to give citizens the widest possible scope to live their lives as they choose. It is therefore compatible with laissez-faire capitalism and the belief that individuals should be entirely responsible for their own economic and social circumstances.

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