The media and politics - Theories of the media - Dominant-ideology model

3 important questions on The media and politics - Theories of the media - Dominant-ideology model

How does the dominant ideology model portray the media?

As a politically conservative force that is aligned to the common interests of economic and social elites, and serves to promote compliance or political passivity amongst the masses.

Marxist version: media propagate bourgeois ideas and maintain capitalist hegemony, acting in the interest of major corporations. Ownership ultimately determines the political view and other views that the media disseminate, and ownership is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a small number of global media conglomerates.

How does the media promote globalization?

Their tendency to spread ideas, images and values that are compatible with Western consumerism helps to open up new markets and extend business penetration worlwide.

Critique on the dominant ideology model?

It underestimates the extent to which the press and broadcasters pay attention to progressive social, racial and development issues.
this model neglects the role of people's own values in filtering media messages.

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