Study Cards on elite, difference, reform

What is the difference between a revolution or a reform?
A reform is gentle and subtle change, a revolution is quickly and harsh
What is the fiscal crisis of the welfare state?
The crisis in state finances that occurs when expanding social expenditure coincides with recession and declining tax revenues
What is the difference between power elite and competitive elite?
Power elite is one group of elites, competitive are more groups that have a competition on the leaders
What are the two basic models of cosmopolitan democracy?
1. The construction of a world parliament, a body whose role would be to introduce greater scrutiny and openness to the process of global decision making by calling to account established international organizations.

2. Reform of existing international organizations. Places faith in NGO's to reconfigure global power by offering an alternative to tow-down corporate globalization. NGO's and transnational movements could introduce an element of public scrutiny and accountability to the working of international bodies.
What is global civil society?
Refers to a realm in which transnational non - governmental groups and associations interact. These groups are typically voluntary and non - profitmaking, setting them apart from TNCs
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