Study Cards on equality, overrides, latter

What is political equality?
An equal distribution of political power and influence
- Can be thought as the core principle of democracy
Who are 'the people' within a democracy?
- all adult citizens
- a single cohesive body, bound together by a common or collective interest (general will).
- the majority; principle of the majority rule. This can lead to tyranny of the majority.
- the people understood in national terms.
What is the majority rule?
The rule that the will of the majority, or numerically strongest, overrides the will of the minority, implying that the latter should accept the views of the former
What does cosmopolitan democracy mean?
A form of democracy that operates at supranational levels of governance and is based on the idea of transnational or global citizenship
Who are the people in democracy?
The people can be viewed as a single, cohesive body, bound together by a common or collective intterest: in this sense, the people are one and indivisible.

- The majority
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