Transnational regionalism - European regionalism - The EU in crisis

3 important questions on Transnational regionalism - European regionalism - The EU in crisis

The EU: a democratic deficit?

Discontent with EU:
- Brexit
- Rise of euroscepticism.

- Economic hardship, general dissatisfaction with politics, national identity, nationalist attitudes.
- Elite and media cues
- Distance to Brussels   

Why democratic deficit?
- European Parliament is the only institution directly elected
- Low turnout elections
- Elections are not European

Why no democratic deficit?
- EU is largely an intergovernmental organization, of which the members are democratically controlled by national parliaments.
- EU is quite transparent and open
- checks and balances and power-sharing support pluralism as key liberal democratic principle.

What does the Eurozone crisis highlight for some people?

The limitations and defects of the single currency project. Transnational currencies do not have the flexibility to respond to disparate economies.
Underperforming eurozone economies wanting to stimulate growth are deprived of the ability to do so by devaluing their currency or lowering interest rates, as they are uniform across the eurozone.

What was the fear of 'contagion' caused by Brexit?

A fear of rapid and uncontrolled spread of populist Euroscepticism from one state to another.

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