Study Cards on executive, leadership, political

What does ceremonial leadership entail?
Ceremonial leadership: state occasions, foreign visits, international conferences etc.
The state represents the larger society and symbolizes its unity.  This helps to build legitimacy.
It also allows the executive to portray themselves as national leaders (needed for public support).
What is the key function of the political executive?
To direct and control the policy process. (to govern)
(develop economic and social programmes and to control external relationships).
Why is popularity of the political executive crucial to the stability of the regime as a whole?
It is the ability of the executive to mobilize support that ensures the compliance and cooperation of the general public.
What is bureaucratic leadership?
Bureaucratic and administrative responsibilities: overseeing the implementation of policy, and running the machinery of government
What is crises leadership?
The ability of the political executive to take quick and decisive action in a state of emergency
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