Study Cards on fascism, italian, nazism

What did fascism constitute as?
As a revolt against the ideas and values that has dominated Western political thought since the French Revolution.
Values such as rationalism, progress, freedom and equality were overturned.
What is a core theme runs throughout fascism?
The image of an organically unified national community.
The individual is nothing; individual identity must be absorbed entirely into that of the community. The man needs to dedicate his life to the glory of his nation and give unquestioning obedience to a supreme leader.
What was the difference between Italian fascism and Nazism?
Italian fascism: extreme form of statism. Based on respect and loyalty towards totalitarian state.

Nazism: on the basis of racialism. Core theories: Aryanism (German people as a master race and destined for world domination) and anti-Semitism (Jews as inherently evil; aimed at their eradication).
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