Study Cards on government, political, overload

What is government overload?
Since 1970e; Governments are subject to over-demand.
- Politicians and political parties were encouraged to outbid one another in the attempt to get into power.
- General drift towards corporatism (created growing interdependence between government agencies and organized groups).

So overload theorists tended to call for a significant shift of political and ideological priorities in the form of the abandonment of a 'big' government approach (compared to Neo-Marxists who believe that this is beyond capacity for capitalist democracies to control).
Why can the rise of the New Right be seen as a response to this overload crisis?
With these growing concerns, the New Right attempted to challenge and displace the theories and values that had previously legitimized the progressive expansion of the state's responsibilities: set of pro-individual and pro-market values.
What can be other consequences of legitimation crises?
- revolution : revolutions recast the political order entirely, typically bringing about an abrupt and often violent break with the past.
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