Study Cards on groups, government, corporatism

What do corporatist models attempt to do?
They attempt to trace the implications of the closer links that have developed in industrialized societies between groups and the state.
What do corporatist models emphasize?
Corporatism is a social theory that emphasizes the privileged position that certain groups enjoy in relation to government, enabling them to influence the formulation and implementation of public policy.
Why does government need groups?
Need for consultation.
It's a source of knowledge (compliance of major interests is essential if policy is to be workable).
What are the downsides of corporatism?
- It invariably privileges economic and functional groups, because it leads to a form of tripartism that binds government to business and organized labour.
- Corporatism portrays interest groups as hierarchically ordered and dominated by leader who are not directly accountable to members (corporatism as a mechanism of social control).
- Threat to representative democracy: it creates the spectre of decisions being made outside the reach of democratic control and through a process of bargaining that is in no way subject to public scrutiny.
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