Classical ideological traditions - Conservatism - Paternalistic conservatism

5 important questions on Classical ideological traditions - Conservatism - Paternalistic conservatism

What is the meaning over paternalistic conservatism?

Conservatism in which there is care and concern for those that can't help themselves; like the relationship between a father and a child

What are the principles of paternalistic conservatism?

Organicism, hierarchy and duty. Can therefore be seen as an outgrowth of traditional conservatism.
Traced back to writings of Disraeli. He spread a fear of social revolution.
Reform from above is preferable to revolution from below.
This message was underpinned by an appeal to the principles of duty and social obligation rooted  in ideas such as noblesse oblige (in the interest of social cohesion and unity).
--> resulted in One-Nation principle/Toryism:belief in hierarchy, tradition and support for duty and organicism.

What is Toryism and where does it come from?

Disraeli was afraid for a division in the Rich and the Poor in the UK en therefore wanted a reform from above instead of a revolution from below (noblesse oblige) => One Nation principle

What are the key ideas of conservatism?

Tradition, pragmatism, human imperfection, organicism, hierarchy, authority, property

What are the highlights of Christian democracy and what is it?

Proponent of competitive markets, but also wants qualified interventionism. Highlights the importance of institutions like churches by social partnership

An ideological tendency within European conservatism characterized by commitment to social market principles and qualified interventionism

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