Politics, society and identity - Identity politics - Rise of identity politics

3 important questions on Politics, society and identity - Identity politics - Rise of identity politics

What is identity politics?

Politics of difference; growing recognition of the significance of cultural differences within society.

Seeks to challenge and overthrow oppression by reshaping a group's identity.

What are the two core beliefs reflected in identity politics?

1. Group marginalization operates through stereotypes and values developed by dominant groups that structure how marginalized groups see themselves and are seen by others. Often instil a sense of inferiority.

2. Belief that subordination can be challenged by reshaping identity to give the group concerned a sense of pride and self-respect. Serves as a source of liberation.

What were the foundations for identity politics?

Were laid by the postcolonial theories that emerged from the collapse of the European empires in the early post-1945 period. Post-colonialism sought to challenge and overturn the cultural dimension of imperial rule by establishing the legitimacy of non-Western political ideas and traditions.

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