21st century world order - Global governance - Rise of global governance

3 important questions on 21st century world order - Global governance - Rise of global governance

What are international organizations a reflection of?

Of the extent of interdependence in the global system, an acknowledgement by states that, increasingly, they can achieve more by working together than by working separately.
They will cooperate when each calculates that it will make absolute gains (benefits made regardless of their impact on other states).

How do realists tend to explain the growth of global governance?

In terms of the emerging hegemonic role of the USA. International organization is linked to hegemony because only a hegemonic state possesses the power to tolerate the relative gains (benefiting a state's position relative to other states) that other states make, so long as they make an absolute gain themselves.

Why is the trend of global governance irresistable?

- thanks to globalization, states are increasingly confronted by challenges that are beyond their capacity to deal with when acting alone. Global problems require global solutions.
- the growth of international organizations fosters further cooperation by strengthening trust amongst states, accustoming them to rule-governed behaviour.

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