Study Cards on liberalism, government, century

What was the goal around 1700 when liberalism rose?
Liberalists attacked absolutism and taxes to finance wars. They wanted a constitutional and representative government in return for taxes
What is the difference between the view on economy around the 18th century and now?
In the 18th century, liberals were going for laissez-faire and condemned all forms of government intervention, now they are in favor of welfare reform and intervention.
What are the key ideas of liberalism?
Individualism, freedom, reason, equality, toleration, consent, constitutionalism
How can the classical liberalist/atomic view be described?
The belief that the society consists of largely self-sufficient individuals who owe little or nothing to each other
What is the central theme of classical liberalism and its ideal?
Establishment of a nightwatchman state: state is a necessary evil. It establishes order and security and protects citizens from the encroachment of fellow citizens, but it imposes a collective will on society, thus limiting the freedom and responsibilities of the individual.
What is an atomist view of society?
A belief in 'negative' liberty, meaning non-interference, or the absence of external constraints on the individual.
(all forms of government intervention are bad).
What is weird about the US' term of liberals?
They are seen as supporters of a big government instead of a small government
What is social liberalism and how does it varies from classical liberalism?
Social liberalism is in favor of positive liberty: freedom to self-realization but a helping hand when you can't succeed. Classical liberalism stands for negative liberty: no interference at all, at any times
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