4 questions on "Representation - Theories of representation - Mandate model"

What is the mandate model?
The representative has the mandate because of the party that can carry out the policy and programme they outlined during the campagin
What does the mandate model imply?
A party gains popular mandate by winning the election. This gives them the permission to carry out any of the policies that they outlined during the election campaign. Politicians serve the people by remaining loyal to their party and its policies.
What is a manifesto?
A document outlinning (in more or less detail) the policies or programme a party proposes the pursue if elected to power
What are critics saying about the mandate model?
-Voters are not always rational and can be influenced by the personality of leaders, social conditioning, etc.
- People might agree with some of the policies in the outlining, but not all of them.
- Leaves no room for changing the proposals in the light of changing circumstances.
- can only be applied in majoritarian electoral systems.
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