Study Cards on military, political, domestic

What are factors that distinguish the military from other institutions?
- Instrument of war; military enjoys a virtual monopoly o f weaponry and substantial coercive power.
- Armed forces are tightly organized and highly disciplined bodies, characterized by a hierarchy of ranks and a culture of strict obedience. Extreme example of bureaucracy.
- The military is invariably characterized by a distinctive culture and set of values.
- The armed forces see themselves as above politics, because they guarantee the security and integrity of the state.
When is the military used for domestic order?
- Events such as natural disasters or to police domestic civil disturbances or disputes.
- in case of serious religious, ethnic or national conflict, the military can become the only guarantee of the integrity of the state.
-In cases where political legitimacy has collapsed the military may become the only prop of the regime, safeguarding it from popular rebellion or revolution. In this case the government has become a dictatorship.
How can the military rule replace civilian rule?
Because of the military's capacity to intervene directly in domestic politics, this can lead to the establishment of military rule.
Can replace or topple the regime.
--> military junta.

It is difficult for military rule to exist in a stable and enduring political form. It won't provide solutions, except during temporary periods of national crisis or political emergency.
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