Nations and nationalism - Varieties of nationalism - Conservative nationalism

3 important questions on Nations and nationalism - Varieties of nationalism - Conservative nationalism

What is conservative nationalism concerned with?

With the promise of social cohesion and public order embodied in the sentiment of national patriotism.
Human beings seek security and identity through membership of a national community.
Patriotic loyalty and a consciousness of nationhood is rooted largely in the idea of a shared past. Nationalism thus becomes a form of traditionalism.

When does conservative nationalism tend to develop?

In established nation-states. Typically inspired by the perception that the nation is somehow under threat, either from within or from without. F.e. Immigration (tends to weaken an established national culture and ethnic identity) and supranationalism.

If national identity is threatened, our source of security and belonging is threatened as well.

What is criticism on conservative nationalism?

1. Its a form of elite manipulation or ruling-class ideology
2. It promotes intolerance and bigotry

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