Study Cards on nationalism, nation-state, economic

Why is the age of nationalism over?
Because its task has been completed: the world has become a world of nation-states.
What internal threats have produced a crisis of the nation-state?
Upsurge in ethnic, regional and multicultural politics. There is a concern that nations are no longer able to provide a meaningful collective identity or a sense of social belonging.
Nationalism might be in the process of being replaced by multiculturalism.
What external threats have produced a crisis of the nation-state?
- Advances in the technology of warfare. This brought about demands that world peace be policed by intergovernmental or supranational bodies.
- Economic life has been progressively globalized. Markets are now world markets, businesses have become transnational corporations and capital is being moved around the globe.
- Nation-state may be the enemy of the natural environment. Nations are concerned primarily with their own strategic and economic interests, and pay little attention to the ecological consequences of their actions.
Why has nationalism revived as a reaction against globalization?
Nationalism often prospers in conditions of fear, insecurity and dislocation.
Counter-globalization force:

Resurgent right-wing populism
Rising of euroscepticism
Growing nativist opposition
In what way has nationalism revived by forming alliances with globalization?
China's economic revival has been accompanied by rising nationallism
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