Study Cards on naturally, nationalism, people

What is meant by liberal nationalism?
Humankind is naturally divided into nations with different identities. Therefore, a state has national self-determination what it wants to do inside their borders
Why does liberalism look beyond the nation?
Because they believe
1) all humans are of equal worth (universalism)
2) the world can degenerate into an international state of nature
What is the key part in conservative nationalism?
They see that people naturally move to people that have similar lives and therefore there has to be a community
When did the expansionist face of nationalism appear?
In the late 19th century as European powers indulged in the scramble of Africa.
Examples: both world wars were a result from this expansionist form of nationalism, and the quest by the Bosnian Serbs.
What is expansionist nationalism?
Aggressive and militaristic adherence to nationalist sentiment. The nation overrides everything. Undivided nation in terms of territory to be obtained through conquest

-> nazi Germany
How this form (in its extreme) arise?
From a sentiment of intense nationalist enthusiasm (integral nationalism).
The nation is everything and the individual is nothing. Individual existence only has meaning when it is dedicated to the unity and survival of the nation.  

National unity does not demand free debate. It requires discipline and obedience to a single, supreme leader.
Thus, democracy is portrayed as a source of weakness and corruption.
What is pan - nationalism?
A style of nationalism dedicated to unifying a disparate people through either exapansionism or political solidarity (pan = all or every)
What did Marx say about internationalism?
He stressed that bonds of class solidarity are stronger and more genuine than the ties of nationality
What is anticolonial nationalism / postcolonial nationalism?
Adherence to the nation as an independent unit from colonial rule, to a struggle for independence. Rooted in many different doctrines
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