5 good questions and answers: "Conservatism - The New Right - Neoconservatism"

What is the primary goal of neoconservatism?
Restoring authority and return to traditional values, notably those linked to family, religion and the nation
What does neoconservatism wish to do?
Restore authority and return to traditional values.
Authority guarantees social stability (through discipline and respect). And shared values and common culture are believed to generate social cohesion.
What is the enemy of neoconservatism?
Permissiveness; the willingness to allow people to make their own moral choices.
What is another aspect of neoconservatism?
Tendency to view the emergence of multicultural and multi-religious societies with concern.
--> they are conflict ridden and unstable.
+ sceptical about multiculturalism and the growing influence of supranational bodies (UN/EU)
Why is there a concern with multicultural and multi-religious societies?
On the basis that they are conflict-ridden and inherently unstable
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