Group politics - Models of group politics - Pluralist model

4 important questions on Group politics - Models of group politics - Pluralist model

What is the core theme of pluralism?

That political power is fragmented and widely dispersed.

What do pluralist theories offer?

They stress the capacity of groups to both defend the individual from government and promote democratic responsiveness.

Decisions are made through a complex process of bargaining and interactions that ensures that the views and interests of a large number of groups are taken into account.

What is the central assumption of the pluralist model?

That all groups and interests have the potential to organize and gain access to government. Their political influence is roughly in line with their size and the intensity of their support.

Group politics is characterized by a rough balance of power.

What has been the criticism of elitists and Marxists on group politics?

They suggest that pluralism only recognizes only one face of power: the ability to influence decision-making.

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