Study Cards on political, change, century

When and why did conservatism arise?
In the late 18th century as a reaction against the economic and political change, symbolized by the French Revolution
When did conservative ideas/doctrines first emerge and what divisions were there?
-In the late 18th century. As a reaction against the growing pace of economic and political change (in many ways symbolized by the French Revolution). (harked back to the ancien regime).

- In continental europe: autocratic and reactionary conservatism. Rejecting any idea of reform.
- In UK and USA: more successful form. Change in order to conserve. --> this led to conservatists in the 19th century to embrace the cause of social reform (under paternalistic banner of 'One Nation').
-1970s: New Right; anti-statist and anti-paternalistic.
Which political philosophies are the most fitting for the new right and what is their combination?
Neoliberalism and neoconservatism; a strong but minimal state
What is the primary neoliberal goal?
They believe that unregulated market capitalism will deliver efficiency, growth and widespread prosperity
What are the central pillars of neoliberalism?
The market and the individual.

Belief that unregulated market capitalism will deliver efficiency, growth and widespread prosperity.

Nanny state breeds a culture of dependence and undermines freedom (freedom of choice).
What is neoliberal globalization?
Ideas such as self-help, individual responsibility and entrepreneurialism,  seem to be advanced through the process of globalization.
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