What is politics? - Defining politics - Politics as public affairs

3 important questions on What is politics? - Defining politics - Politics as public affairs

How is politics as public affairs understood?

The distinction between 'the political' and 'the non-political' coincides with the division between an essentially public sphere of life and what can be thought of as a private sphere

Where should the line between 'public life' and 'private life' be drawn?

- the division between the state (institutions of the state) and civil society.
- between the political (some institutions thought of as public, economy transfers from private to public) and the personal.

How has the notion that politics should exclude 'the personal' been challenged by feminist thinkers?

Because gender inequality has been preserved because the sexual division that runs through society has traditionally been thought of as natural rather than political. Women have been confined to a private existence, they are excluded from politics.
If politics takes place only within the public sphere, the role of women and the question of gender equality are issues of little or no political importance.

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