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Where does the anger towards mainstream politics come from?
- Uninspiring party politics
- Declining capacity to deliver
- The 'wrong' politicians
- Media negativity
- The growth of consumerist politics
What is meant by uninspiring party politics?
- shift from programmatic parties to catch-all parties has contributed to a process of de-ideologization: detachment of ideological roots, loss of emotional attachment. Selling parties and politicians.
- All politicians/parties look and sound the same (areas of disagreement reduced --> electoral battles less gripping).
How has the loss of capacity to deliver happened?
1. Spread of neoliberalism (economy works best when left alone by government): has encouraged establishment forces to regard political involvement in matters of economics and social exchange as non-legitimate (reform, social welfare, redistribution etc).
2. Advance of globalization: the tyranny that global markets exercise over national economic decision-making places national politicians in the position that even when are confronted by rising demands and expectations, they can't always respond (beyond government control).
What are the assaults on the character and reputation of politicians?
1. Link between power and corruption; politicians cannot avoid having dirty hands because they are forced to deal with practical and moral dilemmas.
2. Political class live in a bubble and have no idea about the cares and concerns of the ordinary people.
3. Mainstream politicians have become nothing more than media constructs (risk of appearing inauthentic).
Why is media negativity a reason for hating politics?
Media is under pressure to give something attention-grabbing. Focus on hypes, scandals and allegations of incompetence.
Is political disenchantment a 'demand-side' problem instead of 'supply-side' problem?
- Consumerist attitudes and instincts are increasingly being applied to politics. It is in the nature of consumerism that people seek to acquire as much as possible but pay as little as possible in return. Becoming more and more demanding.
--> this can lead to:
- Free-riders
- We become a society of frustrated and angry people, drawn to support leaders or parties that promise to disrupt the conventional political process (because it hasn't been satisfied).
What social and cultural developments have contributed to these
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