Study Cards on politics, violence, bernard

What is the most positive way of finding the meaning of politics?
Politics is seen as a particular meaning of resolving conflict through compromise, conciliation and negotiation than through violence. = Bernard Crick
How is politics as compromise and consensus understood?
To the way in which decisions are made. Seen as a means of resolving conflict; by compromise, conciliation and negotiation.
What is the most heard critic on Crick's view that politics is compromise?
That this is only the case in Western pluralist democracies and not in one-party states or military regimes.
What is Bernard Cricks view on politics?
The key to politics is a wide dispersal of power. Conflict is inevitable, but when social groups and interests possess power they must be conciliated. Faith in efficacy of debate and discussion.
--> a failing to understand politics as a process of compromise and reconciliation may have contributed to a rise in populism and a style of politics that places emphasis on conflict.
What is the effect when politics as compromise and consensus is no longer understood?
A growing disenchantment with democratic politics in the developed world and the rise of populism
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